In The Beginning

I guess for my first ever BLOG post I should start by answering a question I get a lot….”How did you get started in farming?”  To answer that I need to go back to the beginning…..”In the beginning was a Veterinarian and the Veterinarian was without a wife.  God said “Let him have a wife.”…..well, maybe it wasn’t quite like that….But, close!

My Aunt Diane had come home from New York City where she had worked for a Veterinary Clinic there.  She was hooked on heroine and was on the road to a death sentence when a friend drove her straight from NYC to my parents house, ultimately saving her life.  She was able with our families love and support and giving her life over to Christ walk away from heroine never to return.  She was clean for 6 months when in the paper there was an ad for a Veterinary Technician position with a new Veterinary Clinic opening.  The young Dr. was in need of an assistant.  Little did he know…… Anyway, she called him and I drove her to meet him for the interview.  He looked liked John Denver from afar and we giggled at that.  She was hired on the spot even though she was very upfront about what she had recently been through.

It was a week or so later that I went to pick her up from work and met him for the first time…..And to make a long story short, it wasn’t long until I was hired as the front receptionist.  I had zero experience but apparently the red hair was enough.

A few months passed before the first date—-then the second and so on and so on.  We were married in December 1988.

From an early age all  I wanted was a farm.  All I prayed for was a farm.  I could listen to my Dad tell about growing up on the farm over and over.  I would sit in the floor with paper and pencil and draw the layout of all the barns, house and pastures.  All the animals were named and we all lived happily ever after.  Back then the thought of eating MY animals was not in my little head.  Kent’s Grandfather was a big influence in his love of farming also.

So here we are.  Raising healthy and happy animals for our community.   Our pasture raise meats are second to none.  We love farming and hope to share this adventure with you.  It’s a hard, long, hot/cold, sun-up to sun-down job and we are loving it together.

I hope you join me in the Blog adventure.  I plan on posting tricks, tools, reviews, stories, recipes, short cuts and many more.  Please join me.

And come by the farm!!

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    1. Thank you Debbie, I enjoy your BLOG posts and thought it was about time I started my own. Thank you for your friendship and inspiration, you are one my my Treasures!! When are you coming back to Farm Day?

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