A Hundred Years!!!

A lot has changed in the last one hundred years—the Industrial Revolution the boom of Technology—Fashion and even our language—If you could travel back in time and ask a farmer about Blogging on their webpage about their farm, you would probably be sent for a lobotomy back then.

Tractors haven’t changed all that much, they’re still one of the hardest working tools on the farm from cutting, racking and gathering hay to plowing and bush-hogging.

Heritage breed hogs like our Berkshires have changed very little.  They have retained much of their original characteristics, see you can’t improve on perfection!! (insert wink).our pigs

1917 President Woodrow Wilson (and I hate giving him credit for anything) but he did have a herd of sheep that kept the White House lawn mowed.Now our sheep are much different than what was in the United States back in 1917.  The meat breeds that we have Dorper and Katahdin are cross bred sheep from South Africa and have been bred specifically for their meat quality and not for their wool.our sheep.

Some things I’m glad have changed!!! Washing clothes this way would not be to my liking.  I cherish my Maytag Washer and Dryer.  I’m posting some more pictures of our farm.  Come on out and see what I’m talking about.  Give us a visit!!  Buy some great Sausage from our heritage Berkshire hogs!!

Love Ya

Farmer Amy