“I do.” Comes With Rules On The Farm

I’ve been asked on many occasions about how we get along so well and work together.  First off—we were joined together by God and it does take all three of us committing to this marriage to keep it together.  However, I have over the years developed a list of “Rules”.

  1. Use the same affectionate voice to your spouse that you use for the dogs, cats, pigs, cows and the little hen with the skunt place on her head.
  2. Never ever laugh at your spouse when they get tangled in the electric fence, especially when you were suppose to have turned it off.
  3. A grunt is not an acceptable answer to a question.
  4. A black lead rope left coiled in the grass is never funny at 4:30am.
  5. When saying “I get a lot out of that old hoe.”  Take a cue from the expression on the non-farmers face and explain you are speaking of a garden tool and NOT your wife.
  6. Do not assume PMS is why you are in trouble.
  7. “You were right.” is not hard for either of you to say.
  8. Learn that the toilet seat goes up as well as goes down.
  9. He doesn’t remember dates, mark the calendars.
  10. No man has ever been killed by his wife while he was washing dishes, vacuuming or taking the trash out.

Now these may not be for you, but I kinda like them for us.