Some Days You Just Cry


Some days you just cry…..Farming for the most part is hard physically but rewarding deep in your soul.  Most days go and come without much excitement.  You go to bed tired and thinking of the work that lies ahead the next day resolved that you accomplish at least a smidgen of what you wanted to.  Then there are those days that wrench at your heart.  The other day was one of those days here on the farm.  My Sweet Spot was gently euthanized so that her pain of arthritis would end.  Let me tell you about this precious Treasure.

Sweet Spot came to us 6 yrs ago due to divorce situation that apparently was quite contentious.  The husband had threatened to shoot her just to hurt his wife.  She came here, not neglected but quite spoiled.  She was pushy and she seemed to make a point of waiting until you weren’t paying attention before she kicked her milk bucket over.  She had a quirk of NOT being milked while she ate.  It took some time before I knew her and she knew me.  But, that’s when the beauty happened.  She looked for me and all I had to do, from anywhere on the farm, is call her name and it wouldn’t be long until you saw her coming.  She became so quiet and gentle around me, we just loved each other.  No matter what pasture she was in all I had to do was open the gate and let her out, she made a b-line for the barn to be milked.  Many occasions I would get lost in the “milking moments” with her.  She would chew her cud and if you’ve never sat and listened to a cow chewing her cud you should put that on your bucket list.  It’s so soothing.  You can’t be stressed around a cud chewing cow!!

It’s hard when you get attached to them and they steal away part of your heart.  I wouldn’t trade this life for any other, but with it can come some pain.  I believe that God takes them to  His home and restores them to be what he created them to be in all of their beauty and perfectness.  I plan on seeing her again one day and calling her name to watch her come across that beautiful pasture to greet me.

Rest In Peace my Sweet Spot