Our Security Team…whatcha gonna do when they come for you??


I’m asked a lot about whether we worry about predators with our sheep flock and chicken /turkey flocks and the answer to that is “No”.  We have three Security Guards that are on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week.  They have proven they can handle their jobs so we rest easy knowing our flocks are well taken care of.

First I’ll introduce you to Junior, the big male of the Team.  He is actually Lily’s pup from her one and only litter.  He is a Great Pyrenees, a breed of dog known for their protection of livestock.  Junior is a character who adores ladies, but not so much fellas except for Kent—he loves Kent.  Junior will protect anything we put him with.  He has taken out an opossum or two trying to sneak in with the chickens, he patrols the fence lines and you can hear him barking from a great distance especially when the coyotes start hawling.  He is also very good at watching the sky and barks at any and all buzzards, hawks, and geese that happen to fly over.  He is intimidating to look at and weighs in about 135 lbs.  He’s frontline of defense.

Lily— the oldest and wisest of our Security Team.  Lily is the Boss-Lady.  To look at her, you would think she is a lazy loafer that couldn’t protect an old shoe, but you would be wrong.  Lily works smarter not harder.  Lily sets up advantage posts where she can see as much of her guard area as possible.  Whether that is a corner or smack-dab in the middle of the pasture.  She is ferocious along fence lines , daring anything to come in her area.  She is gentle with the lambs and routinely makes checks of her lambs.  Lily also is our teacher and Emma Jean spent a great deal of time learning her job along side Lily.

Emma Jean—our craziest and youngest member of our team.  Just about to turn 2 years old.  Emma Jean has proven herself well already.  The most ferocious when she spies a flying predator and will leap in the air barking to run them off.  Emma Jean is comical and ALWAYS in your pocket.  It’s an ordeal just to gather the eggs when she’s on chicken duty.  Her face has to be in your face.  We are hoping that one day soon she will be able to pass some of her great protective traits to a litter of pups.  But, that will be a while off.

We sure couldn’t run this farm without them.  There is no telling how many tragedies have been avoided because they were on duty.  They are a vital part of the farm.  Most of the time visitors won’t see them because they are working.

We love them and will keep you posted on their jobs.

What’s So Special About Farm Day?

What’s so special about Farm Day?  That may not be the exact question I get, but I do get a lot of questions about our Farm Days.  I guess I’ll start with telling you how they came about in the first place.

I knew I really wanted to share our farm with the public.  The farm had participated in the SC Ag & Art Tour the previous year and I really enjoyed having the visitors come and ask questions about the farm and take the tours.  I knew I wanted to share the farm more with my customers and let them be a part and see just how their food is raised.  As much as I love the farm I knew I had to offer more than just our products…..

I had met some really great Farmers like myself that were raising different products than me, but were having a hard time advertising and getting their farms out there.  That’s when I decided on Farm Day.  The Farmer’s Markets in our area are just not what Market’s were in the past.  The ones that seem to be managed well are not really close and that makes it difficult to set up and sell at those.

I decided that I could open my farm up , invite other farmers and local Artisans to set up and do my own “farmers market”.  I also decided that I would not charge a Vendor fee to come and set up.  I figured all of us are small businesses and need every dollar to pay our operating costs and have a little take home money.  With our farm along with the others there is NO advertising budget, NO subsidies, and NO one but ourselves that have invested money and tears into our farms.

It’s been 2 full years and I have put together some of the best local Farms and Artisans anywhere!!  I have watched people step out and follow their dream to start their businesses—-I’ve watched people get excited because they actually have a place to sell their creations.

We are a band of friends!  We all support and care about one another.  I do have the best Vendors!!  They are good people with immense talents.

You can find about anything you need on Farm Day—from of course our pasture raised meats and eggs, beef, produce, honey, goat cheese, fresh roasted coffee, baked goods, cheesecakes, jewelry, clothing, baby items, toys, furniture, crafts, home decor, outdoor decor, accessories, health and beauty items and more to come.

Help us support each one of these great people along with our farm.  Without your support we will cease to exist in this climate of commercial misrepresentation of what is available in stores!!  Our products like these other vendors are unique and in our case much healthier than what you will purchase in a grocery store.

Check out the Event page for dates and times.  As always you are welcome to visit and shop at our farm throughout the month, not just on Farm Day.

Farmer Amy