CSA Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)—the title really doesn’t capture what this is all about.  Community Supported Agriculture is where, you the consumer pays for a share of the products of the farm for a set period of time.  Kind of like a pre-loaded debit card for products.  For our CSA Farm Share Program you pay each quarter for that periods products.  Each quarter fee is $220.00 However; you are credited with $250.00 for farm purchases.  so basically you get $30 worth of goods for $0.  You can shop at your convenience or place an order to be picked up at any of our delivery locations.  You can choose what items you like, but we do encourage you to try new products.  We provide you with an insulated tote bag to use when you visit and shop.  All of our meats are included along with eggs and seasonal produce.

Please visit the Product Page to see what we offer.

To join our CSA send an email to thamesvet@truvista.net

January through March

April through June

July through September

October through December