Farm Products

Berkshire Pork

  • Bacon–uncured, dry rubbed and smoked—$8.75 per pack
  • Granny Thrift Signature Sausage (patty or chub)—$7.75 per pack
  • Maple & Sage Link sausage—$7.75 per pack
  • Plain Ground Pork- no seasonings–$7.00 per pack
  • Fat Back—$3.00 per pack
  • Hog Jowls–sliced and smoked—$4.00 per pack
  • Jalapeno’ and Cheese Large Link Sausage—$7.85 per pack
  • Tomato & Basil Large Link Sausage—$7.85 per pack
  • Garlic & Onion Large Link Sausage—$7.85 per pack
  • Zesty Italian Large Link Sausage—$7.85 per pack
  • Garlic Bratwurst—-$7.85 per pack
  • Andouille Sausage—$7.85 per pack
  • Chorizo —$7.85 per pack
  • ***Specialty Sausages***
  • FSB Beer & Brat —-$8.50 per pack
  • JB&B BBQ Brat—-$8.50 per pack

Berkshire Pork Cuts

  • Center Cut Pork Chops—-$8.25 per lb
  • Pork Cutlets—-$10.25 per pack
  • Shoulder Butt Roasts—$6.75 per lb
  • Tenderloin—$12.50 per lb
  • Pork Belly—$6.45 per lb
  • Pork Stew Meat—$6.00 per lb
  • St Louis Style Rib Rack—-$6.00 per lb
  • Riblets—-$6.00 per lb
  • Leaf Fat (for rendering lard)—$3.00 per pack

Pasture Raised Chicken

  • Whole Chicken—$3.75 per lb
  • Bone-in Breast—$7.85 per lb
  • Boneless, Skinless Breast—$8.25 per lb
  • Thighs—$6.75 per lb
  • Leg Quarters—$5.75 per lb
  • Drumsticks—$4.75 per lb
  • Wings—$4.75 per lb
  • Livers—$3.50 per pack
  • Hearts—$2.50 per pack
  • Feet—$2.00 per pack

Chicken Ground and Sausages

  • Medium Breakfast Sausage Patties(8)—$8.25 per pack
  • Spinach/Garlic/Parmesan Large Link Sausage(5)—$8.45 per pack
  • Tomato/Basil/Parmesan Large Link Sausage(5)—$8.45 per pack
  • Plain Ground Chicken—$8.00 per pack

Free Range Eggs

  • $4.00 per Dozen

Seldom Rest Farms Grass Fed Angus Beef

  • Ground Beef—$6.00/lb
  • Cube Steak—$8.00/lb
  • Sirloin Tip Roast—$8.00/lb

Ida Claire Baking Company Cheesecakes Small –$20 Large–$24

  • Original Flavor
  • Key Lime
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Banana
  • Orange Dream
  • Pumpkin