The Gravy on our Biscuits

You know it’s hard to not pair biscuits and gravy together.  Yes, you can have them separate, but boy are they really good together.  It’s no wonder that biscuits and gravy are my all time favorites!!

Well, that’s how I feel about the two girls that work for us….my biscuits and gravy!!  Let me introduce you to these farm assets.   Griffin Poulter and Katherine Jones

They are Treasures here!!  They keep the animals taken care of and that’s not an easy task especially in the summer heat.  Neither is scared of anything, well I take that back  Katherine hates spiders.  If it’s spidery she may balk a little at the task.

They can catch and hold a full grown ewe or tenderly cuddle a scared orphaned lamb.  They do all the castrating and ear-tagging when the lambs are born.   Let me say that catching ewes to be wormed or treated can be difficult and they get it done.

Heavy farm machinery is no problem for these girls!!  Katherine is a master at the bush-hogging and Griffin can plow a garden row in no time flat!!

From catching piglets to catching a wayward black snake to relocate.  All you need to do is ask.

They can milk a cow

Shoot a gun or guns!!

Of all the assets we have here on the farm, I would say these two beautiful girls are two of the best!!  They can never know just how much I love them both.  Just how much they are needed and wanted!  God didn’t bless Kent and I with children of our own, I think he wanted to share these two with us though.

Say “Hey” to them when you come!!  They clean up nice too!!!

Farmer Amy