The Gravy on our Biscuits

You know it’s hard to not pair biscuits and gravy together.  Yes, you can have them separate, but boy are they really good together.  It’s no wonder that biscuits and gravy are my all time favorites!!

Well, that’s how I feel about the two girls that work for us….my biscuits and gravy!!  Let me introduce you to these farm assets.   Griffin Poulter and Katherine Jones

They are Treasures here!!  They keep the animals taken care of and that’s not an easy task especially in the summer heat.  Neither is scared of anything, well I take that back  Katherine hates spiders.  If it’s spidery she may balk a little at the task.

They can catch and hold a full grown ewe or tenderly cuddle a scared orphaned lamb.  They do all the castrating and ear-tagging when the lambs are born.   Let me say that catching ewes to be wormed or treated can be difficult and they get it done.

Heavy farm machinery is no problem for these girls!!  Katherine is a master at the bush-hogging and Griffin can plow a garden row in no time flat!!

From catching piglets to catching a wayward black snake to relocate.  All you need to do is ask.

They can milk a cow

Shoot a gun or guns!!

Of all the assets we have here on the farm, I would say these two beautiful girls are two of the best!!  They can never know just how much I love them both.  Just how much they are needed and wanted!  God didn’t bless Kent and I with children of our own, I think he wanted to share these two with us though.

Say “Hey” to them when you come!!  They clean up nice too!!!

Farmer Amy


Hank Jr. Said It Best!!

Hank Jr. said it best “It’s a family tradition.”  One of ours is Buttermilk Biscuits.  My Mama has been making biscuits since she was about 9-10yrs old.  Always with Buttermilk.  When I was growing up, she didn’t keep no half gallon, she kept a GALLON of Buttermilk in the refrigerator.  Not only was it for biscuit making it was also for a tall glass of cornbread, sliced onion and Buttermilk all mixed together….Daddy’s favorite meal by the way.  It’s a family tradition that each and every supper came with Buttermilk biscuits.

Mama makes her’s strictly by hand—-NO gadgets for her.  Her hands, her biscuit making bowl and a rolling pin.  Yes, I said biscuit making bowl–not used for anything else, kept in its own special spot because it holds just the right amount of everything to “make a mess of biscuits.”   “Mess” for y’all not from the South means a bunch.

I have tweeked Mama’s recipe by using a food processor to do my combining of flour, buttermilk and butter.  Another tweek for me is using butter instead of Crisco (which by the way is NOT food—it’s a by-product of cotton seed processing).  Real butter is much better for you!!  Also butter contains water which will make the biscuits rise from the evaporation.  Just remember to keep it COLD!!

Here is a video I did for Facebook showing the steps of making my biscuits.

I’ll post the pictures and explain a little more about each step.

First are the ingredients:

Mama always uses self-rising flour, so of course I have stayed with that.  She also always uses Southern Biscuit and yep, me too!  I usually use 1 1/2 cups flour , 1/2 cup Buttermilk and 1 stick of butter cubed and kept cold.  You really want all your ingredients cold.

I place the flour and cubed butter in my food processor and pulse to combine until you see little balls of flour/butter.

Then I slowly drizzle in the cold Buttermilk—you won’t use all the Buttermilk—you just want the dough to be somewhat wet and just starting to pull away from the sides of the bowl.  Like in the next picture..

Throw  a good handful of flour on to your work surface to keep the dough from sticking..

Pour the dough out onto your work surface.  With your hands just work enough to bring the dough together….Don’t work it to much, just bring the sides in and combine any loose flour.

You can start to flatten the dough out but again, don’t work to much and if the dough starts to warm up from your hands, just pop it in the frig for a minute or two.

Now I fold my dough over on itself a couple times, just to create layers of the butter within the dough.  When the butter melts and produces the steam from water evaporation it will cause the biscuits to rise and create layers in your biscuits.

Now you can roll it out and cut your biscuits.

TIP: when cutting your biscuits out, don’t twist the cutter, cut straight down.  Twisting will seal the edges and prevent rising.

I always cook my biscuits in a well-seasoned cast iron pan.  Brush them with a little butter.

Bake at 450 for 12-15 minutes

The last thing is ENJOY!!


Farmer Amy



Some Days You Just Cry


Some days you just cry…..Farming for the most part is hard physically but rewarding deep in your soul.  Most days go and come without much excitement.  You go to bed tired and thinking of the work that lies ahead the next day resolved that you accomplish at least a smidgen of what you wanted to.  Then there are those days that wrench at your heart.  The other day was one of those days here on the farm.  My Sweet Spot was gently euthanized so that her pain of arthritis would end.  Let me tell you about this precious Treasure.

Sweet Spot came to us 6 yrs ago due to divorce situation that apparently was quite contentious.  The husband had threatened to shoot her just to hurt his wife.  She came here, not neglected but quite spoiled.  She was pushy and she seemed to make a point of waiting until you weren’t paying attention before she kicked her milk bucket over.  She had a quirk of NOT being milked while she ate.  It took some time before I knew her and she knew me.  But, that’s when the beauty happened.  She looked for me and all I had to do, from anywhere on the farm, is call her name and it wouldn’t be long until you saw her coming.  She became so quiet and gentle around me, we just loved each other.  No matter what pasture she was in all I had to do was open the gate and let her out, she made a b-line for the barn to be milked.  Many occasions I would get lost in the “milking moments” with her.  She would chew her cud and if you’ve never sat and listened to a cow chewing her cud you should put that on your bucket list.  It’s so soothing.  You can’t be stressed around a cud chewing cow!!

It’s hard when you get attached to them and they steal away part of your heart.  I wouldn’t trade this life for any other, but with it can come some pain.  I believe that God takes them to  His home and restores them to be what he created them to be in all of their beauty and perfectness.  I plan on seeing her again one day and calling her name to watch her come across that beautiful pasture to greet me.

Rest In Peace my Sweet Spot